Sunday, November 6, 2011

redbull insomniac

Hello everyone!

So i'm going to do something different and not blog about politics or crime etc.
I think I am just going to vent and let the words flow from my brain.
Wait backtrack... Today I am going to the Occupy Wall St. protest. I am so very excited to go to support my fellow brothers and sisters. Sorry I know I am talking about politics :)
But anyhow, This week is vacation and I want to catch up o
n all the sleep I can get. Lately I have been so drowsy. It is like I can't get enough sleep...yet I sleep too much. Does that make sense?

So I suffer from Insomnia and I feel like a zombie. :( it is sort of weird. I am more tired during the day, like I can barely keep my eyes open. But at night.... I am an owl. I can't fall asleep to save my life. I take over the counter prescription sleep medicine. But before i took prescribed AMBIEN.

So anyhow, before I started taking over the counters, I was taking am
bien that my doctor STRONGLY SUGGESTED I USE. I have never heard of ambien before and I decided to try it. That pill altered my memory mood everything. Sometimes I would not fall asleep right away and the side effects of ambien would take control.

Anywho...the over the counter meds almost have no effect on me anymore. My body has become desensitized to the drug and I can take 4 or 5 unisoms and it will do nothing for me. Sometimes if I'm lucky it will kick in right in the morning when everyone is up and ready to go..and I'm not.

I need to get my sleep schedule on track.. SERIOUSLY

Other than that, Life is dandy. I can't complain. It could be worse.

I can't wait for the new GRAND THEFT AUTO V to come out! I'm so ready to shoot prostitutes and blow down helicopters. Also... Call of Duty Black Ops is my new obsession.
k now im rambling...