Sunday, March 31, 2013

Where did the time go?

WOW. 2013 HUH?
well, with my right hand up I stand guilty. It's easy to get away from blogging and keeping up with things that you used to do on a regular basis. So many things have happened that has distracted me from blogging, and ranting. Even making videos! But I will TRY (no promises) to stay on top of letting you all know whats on my mind.

Whats new with you all? Talk to me!

Today is Sunday, March 31, 2013. Bored lazy Sunday. The family right now is watching the DUKE VS LOUISVILLE game. And in the first half of the game Kevin Ware had a very unfortunate accident. :( I hate sports with a passion especially basketball and I just so happened to be staring at the television when I saw what happened  So gruesome, so sad, so shocking to see him and the reactions of everyone in that arena. I wanted to cry for the man. I am not going to post a link or a picture of the injury but yea, I wish I didn't see that. And I have seen A LOT of things.  That's another story

Currently my new obsessions are The Walking Dead series that comes on television. I don't watch  much television. I catch most of anything on my iPad or on the internet. But I have been keeping up with that show and can't seem to remind myself that Walkers do not exist. I'm always visualize  myself in a world where I'm fighting against walkers and I try to think I would have to survive something like that. What would you do?

I recently finished a eight week course at the University of Edinburgh located in Scotland. Now, no I did not travel to Scotland I did this course online for free. The course I completed was the Introduction to Philosophy and let me tell you I didn't expect that class to be as thought provoking as it was. I thought I was just going to breeze through this course and move on. But that wasn't the case. I have found myself extremely frustrated with the process of philosophy and learning the different aspects of this topic. It was in the only word I can think of, exasperating. It seemed useless and one point to me. But I pulled through. I surprised myself in the Week 6 quiz. "Are scientific theories true?" That was the name of the course. We learned about the differences between realism and anti-realism. Semantic and epistemic aspect of scientific philosophy  This part of the course by far was the most maddening hard to understand course. And the quiz at the end of this course is the one where I scored the highest in. I think an A-. I was so happy to be done with this course I was so happy.  I am in no way a philosopher and I think I walk away from this course more confused than ever. But with a greater more respectful understanding of philosophical thinking. What I will testify to is that it (philosophy) has helped me to define myself and why I think of things a certain way. Especially religion.  It has helped me to better understand traditions, and tradition's of man. It put a lot of things and life long questions into perspective. 

My next course is psychology and studying the mind! After that, vaccines, and Latin American history. I have a passion for learning as you can see. Right now I am intensely  studying vaccines and the pros and cons of inoculation  I have written a blog on vaccinations before which became one of my most popular post. But I feel compelled  to diverge more into this topic and very controversial debate. 

wow, so there are a ton of things I want to rant about and talk about to you all but once I get my thoughts in order I will be back with some more opinions and questions and rants.  
If there is a subject you would like me to cover and talk about let me know. Comment and subscribe :)


Sunday, March 17, 2013

no excuses

I know I suck.

I will have a full explanation as to why I have been incognito that last few months.

(insert remorseful  face here)

I have so many topics that I wanted to discuss with you all and talk about

stay tuned.....

xoxo -isabella