Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tough men punch babies

This story broke my heart and I thought I would post it to bring more awareness to
child abuse.
A three year old girl was killed after her boyfriends mom punched the child for not eating her dinner. That's right! You heard me. For not eating her dinner. Edgar Algarin, a 26 year old man, was arrested for killing the child.
Enidaliz Ortiz suffered internal injuries and suffered a slow and painful death. Edgar got up and punched the girl for not eating her dinner. "she was not eating her food so I got up and punched her in the back, she started crying so I sent her to bed."

No matter how many times we see cases like this as headlines in our newspapers, or stories on the news...what is it that these moms don't get?! NEVER LEAVE YOUR CHILD WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND! The mom was away on a business trip and decided it was a good idea to leave her kids alone with this man. Do you know what this man did after he punched this girl? He played videos games as the child gasped for air.

I hope this man suffers greatly for this child's loss pain and suffering. Now the mom of course regrets leaving her kids with the man. How many times will this happen before people start to use their brains? How many moms will allow abusive men to control them and their children? What the hell people? This child was 3 years old! she could not defend herself! What kind of man hits a 3 year old child? GRRRRR gets me so upset! I hope he is tortured slowly for what he did. Never put your hands on a child ever. We need to protect our children and keep them safe. If this happened to a man she trusted then whats next?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wang Yue

Poor child :(

I'm sure most of you have seen the very sad and graphic video of little two year old Wang Yue ran over by a car while people watched and did NOTHING.
I posted a link from CNN talking about her death and what exactly happened on that day. Only one woman came to help the poor child after approximately 18 people walked passed the child's lifeless body. The video has gone viral world wide questioning the MORAL of the Chinese people.

First of all, how can anyone do some shit like that? Excuse my french but that's beyond messed up. He saw the child and ran over her anyways. AND THEN BACKED UP OVER THE CHILD!
Now according to the news a 58 year old "scavenger" saw the girl and rescued her.
I think my brain is tired of trying to figure out how the driver, could so such a thing. And how the people who walked past this girl bleeding to death could not stop and help the child. What the hell is wrong with people that they let something like this happen to a child? What are the rules, the laws, the street code when it comes to something like this? What is this saying about us as human beings? Are we that cold hearted?

Wang Yue died 12:32 am, Friday.

R.I.P little angel. <3

Saturday, October 1, 2011

a hallmark card for casey anthony

I found something on my phone that I wrote the day Casey Anthony got away with MURDER

Dear casey anthony
Being that i suffer from do you manage to sleep@night? I mean really, how have you managed to lie down knowing that your one and only longer exist? I'm sure even you were surprised at the verdict. How did it feel when they said not guilty? Surprised im sure. So what are your plans now? Make up for the time you lost to go party? Get a makeover? Where would you live? Are you prepared to join society? Well, i hope to god none of it works out for you. Infact,i hope you are forced to disgard your ovaries and burn your tubes? Harsh? Think about what your baby went through when she took her last breath. Why do people like you have children? For what reason? Please explain this to me. Anyhow, dont have a great day.
P.s rott in hell..thank you