Thursday, September 12, 2013

I am not strong

I can no longer allow the fear of your opinion to sap the energy out of my body and grip me with depression. I don't think I can take the feeling of anxiety replace my lungs anymore. 

I envy people who seem to be able to take such blows and go about their day
Once in a while I get overly attached to people who use me. I try to fill a void and I end up burned.

Sometimes people's only interest is sex and control 
Not only have I lost control. But I am so afraid of you. I know you lie. I know you bully.

I am not strong and cannot find my grip. Forever will I always be in the clutches of this loveless dance. 

Cheaters and liars always get away. 
Eating my flesh and putting me down. Striking me to the floor

Am I not allowed to be angry? 
I know my place, it's six feet under. 
I am not strong 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What is wrong with people?

Just a small rant to vent

What is wrong with us as people? As a nation, as a whole? All this stuff happening in the world right now, and some of my peers still manage to remain undaunted by the diabolical world around them!
It astonishes me what we as human beings have been capable of doing to each other since the beginning of time. Just recently an eight year old girl died on her wedding night...

She bled to death while her HUSBAND tried to have sex with her. What the fuck are people thinking? Her parents, the adults? What kind of person is sadistic enough to have sex with a child? A CHILD!  I am at such a loss for words that at times I feel so hopeless. Like..fuck it. Forget it. What is going on with Human Rights? In Turkey a protestor was killed by the police. Again, what goes through someones head when you try to take their life? What the hell are you thinking? What is it that makes us think this is ok? In Syria the people including children, have been plagued with chemical warfare and unspeakable atrocities. 

Maybe we are wired to be cruel.
Maybe war is the answer
Maybe, this world is just a fucked up place to be
Humans, you disappoint me