Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NEW WORLD ORDER explained for ALL Religious extremists.mp4


The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes

I was amazed to watch this girl deliver a speach that literally did silence the U.N
But the funny thing about it is that she reminds me of my favorite ACTRESS/ACTIVIST Q'ORIANKA KILCHER. Q'orianka is always standing up for people who are forced to be silenced. she brings awareness to those who need correction. And she stands for truth. She girl in the video is beautifully articulate and brave. very educated and inspiring. Just like Q'orianka. We need more people like this.

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Hello readers!

I came across an interesting video on youtube. Im sure people have thier opinions on this video. I was curious what yours are?!?! let me know!

p.s cool link on the subject. read it!!!
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cambodia: The Virginity Trade

I found a pretty interesting video about the virginity sex trade in Cambodia. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT IT.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Drasius Kedys OUR HERO

I personally wanted to dedicate this blog to Drasius Kedys & his daughter Deimantela. I felt extremely compelled to write this blog because it tugs at my heart strings. Nothing makes me more sick, outraged, and furious with people who hurt children in any way, shape, or form. If you do not know about this man Drasius allow me to introduce you to someone I, and many others hail a TRUE HERO.

Drasius Kedys 3 year old daughter(deimantela) at the time was molested by a judge and a Senior politician in Lithuania. Some of the members in the Lithuanian Parliament molested, abused and tortured this little girl. So she told her dad. The twisted thing about this story was that the reason why it happend was because deimantela's mom and aunt allowed her to be sold to these animals. This scandal rocked the county. And Drasius like most dads was OUTRAGED. He tried to get help, and tried to seek justice but no one listened to him. He set up a camera one day and asked his daughter what happend to her on that terrifying day. She played out for him what those perverts made her do while they were molesting her. She remembered the smells and everything else about that day. I know I'm not explaining this story in perfect order but I'm just trying to sum it up.

Drasius shot and killed the animals involved which were the judge and another women. I forget her name. After that he was on the run. But later they found his body not to far away from his home. Alot of people belive that he was assassinated. But the government ruled it as a suicide. NO ONE IS BUYING THAT.

So those are the facts. I posted a video on the issue and I'll tell you why im so upset. This man drasius took that country by storm because the police would not listen to him. He took matters into his own hands. He was hailed as a hero to lots of people who are aware of his story. Some people disagree with what he did. Everyone has a right to their opinion. I saw a picture that the police took when they found him dead. This is How i feel...

I could almost cry thinking about what this brave man went through. How could anyone..ANYONE abuse a child? Sexually, physically, mentally? I have absolutely no sympathy for sadistic animals that would lay their hands on an innocent child. Its almost tormenting for me to think what I WOULD HAVE DONE IN THAT SITUATION. Thinking about it makes my face boil. Its to the point where I try to forget about it for a while otherwise I'm gonna go hunt some pedophiles down and do some vigilante work myself! But honestly...I cant agree more that this man was a hero. They defended these pedophiles and everyone ignored this man. They tried to keep him quiet. They had it out for him. So they killed him. I don't believe he committed suicide. He was killed. Now hes a hero. And the people he shot got what they deserved. NOT EVEN. Their death was to fast. They should have had time to think about what they did. I cant even imagine what drasius was thinking once he saw that judge that layed a finger on his daughter. What was going through his mind? did he yell at him? what was going on? I'm sad that drasius was found dead. Now his daughter doesn't have a true hero to protect her.

Pedophiles who hold high ranking positions often arent caught. We need to do a better job of protecting children from these animals. I just pray that pedophiles are put where they belong..6 feet under or in jail. I know it sounds cruel. But it cant be worse than taking away something so precious from an innocent child. I don't think I can write anymore on it. I'm just upset..DRASIUS..thank you.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Arawak People

According to Wikipedia (a site I use way to often) "The Taínos were pre-Columbian inhabitants of the Bahamas, Greater Antilles, and the northern Lesser Antilles. It is believed that the seafaring Taínos are relatives of the Arawakan people of South America. Their language is a member of the Maipurean linguistic family, which ranges from South America across the Caribbean."

The taino people belonged to the arawak tribe. Some scientest belive that the tainos themselves come from the center of the amazon basin."Evidence that supports this theory includes the tracing of the ancestral cultures of these people to the Orinoco

Betrayl,Mistreatment,Resentment,Baffled,Savage,Violent. Those words to me are understatments as far as being able to describe how the tainos were treated when good ol COLumbus came to the caribbean. My ancestores and desendants were violated,raped,robbed and litterally almost exterminated. This spesific blog is dedicated for those brave indians of the carribean who did survive. And guess what columbus, were still here. Alot of people like to belive that the tainos culture,race, doesnt even exist. But i'll tell you this isnt true. With good reason people are calling this culture exsticnt.

October 12,1942 was the very first time the europeans have had an encounter with the indians. Columbus had this genious idea to enslave the tainos on thier own land and savagly treat the indians like animals. The decline of taions sharply fell do to suicide,murder,lack of food,harsh labor conditions. supposidtly 80 to 90 percent of the indians died.

Antonio de Moya, a Dominican educator, wrote in 1993, "the [Indian] genocide is the big lie of our history... the Dominican Taínos continue to live, 500 years after European contact."

Im proud to say that I still honor the Native Indians that survived and changed our culture till this day. I see it all the time in my community of proud hispanics. A strict reminder that coulumbus didnt kill us all. The foods we eat, the music we listen to, and our beautifull language is a constant reminder that echos thier exesistence. So latinos..stand strong, stand proud, STAND BEAUTIFUL!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Inside the Peruvian Amazon

Dear Alan Garcia,

Why do you consider your own people “second class citizens savages who oppose progress.”? Why are the indigenous peoples of the land being murdered like animals and dumped into rivers? How come Indigenous peoples are on their knees begging for their lives in front of their own family and executed point blank? How did you allow such a system to become so corrupt. People pleaded for their lives to the police in front of their own children and were executed point blank.

How was it that you gave indigenous peoples an opportunity to fight for their own lives in their sleep with a gun pointed to their heads? Why are the natives being driven out of their land? Why are you not discussing with the natives what you plan on doing with their land? Your lust for money, oil, blood, and greed has made me sick. I cannot honor or respect a president who allows his own people to be mascaraed for protecting themselves!

The amazonian jungle is one of the plants largest rain forest and your giving it away for what? Why should children drink contaminated water? Because you permitted it? If your child asked you for a glass of water would you give them water filled with bacteria? Why are innocent protesters loosing their voices and lives? Are indigenous people a waste of space? Are they unproductive? Tell me is your pocket bigger than your mouth? Is your brain as small as your heart?

How do you not consult the natives that their own land is being taken away from them in order for oil companies to work? How come your newspapers aren't bringing up the innocent people who are being killed by your corrupt police? WHO NEGOTIATES ON BEHALF OF THE DEAD, THE FORGOTTEN, THE IGNORED INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF THE AMAZON COMMUNITY? DO YOU MR.PRESIDENT?