Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Inside the Peruvian Amazon

Dear Alan Garcia,

Why do you consider your own people “second class citizens savages who oppose progress.”? Why are the indigenous peoples of the land being murdered like animals and dumped into rivers? How come Indigenous peoples are on their knees begging for their lives in front of their own family and executed point blank? How did you allow such a system to become so corrupt. People pleaded for their lives to the police in front of their own children and were executed point blank.

How was it that you gave indigenous peoples an opportunity to fight for their own lives in their sleep with a gun pointed to their heads? Why are the natives being driven out of their land? Why are you not discussing with the natives what you plan on doing with their land? Your lust for money, oil, blood, and greed has made me sick. I cannot honor or respect a president who allows his own people to be mascaraed for protecting themselves!

The amazonian jungle is one of the plants largest rain forest and your giving it away for what? Why should children drink contaminated water? Because you permitted it? If your child asked you for a glass of water would you give them water filled with bacteria? Why are innocent protesters loosing their voices and lives? Are indigenous people a waste of space? Are they unproductive? Tell me is your pocket bigger than your mouth? Is your brain as small as your heart?

How do you not consult the natives that their own land is being taken away from them in order for oil companies to work? How come your newspapers aren't bringing up the innocent people who are being killed by your corrupt police? WHO NEGOTIATES ON BEHALF OF THE DEAD, THE FORGOTTEN, THE IGNORED INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF THE AMAZON COMMUNITY? DO YOU MR.PRESIDENT?

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