Friday, December 17, 2010



Hello everyone! Its been forever and a week since I have posted up a new blog. I was busy being lazy. Not really just didn't feel like writing about certain issues because they make me mad. But today I wanted to rant about something that makes me absolutely furious and so upset I can scream. Daughters being married off to disgusting, older, pedophile, extremist, sick, immoral men. AND IN EXCHANGE FOR WHAT? What can a 47 year old man do with an 8 year old child? Lets review.

The girl's (eight yr old) father sold her off to some idiot because he needed his debts paid off. Somehow the mother of the daughter lost custody for no apparent good reason. so she hired a lawyer to help get her daughters marriage annulled. BUT THE GRACIOUS JUDGE WONT DO IT. someone tell me why would someone with a human heart not be in favor of releasing a child from such a sadistic grip?!

I do want to write more in this topic but i will just bust my computer keyboard with rage. I will post a link:

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