Thursday, June 30, 2011

"I hate the babies they disgust me"


people, I am reading CNN online minding my own business, and I see an article to my right. The
title said "Nadya Suleman my babies disgust me." I'm thinking she's joking, being that her humor is strange and all. But she was dead serious. I clicked the link
..and I read the article. I'm floored. But should I be surprised?

Nadya says " I hate the babies they disgust me." She also goes on to say " My older six are animals, they are out of control. All I can do is sit in the bathroom and cry. I lock myself in the bathroom and eat on the toilet floor."

2! How can you say that about your own kids you worthless witch?!
3. You hate your babies? Really? Did they ask to be born?
4. I am sorry they aren't bringing you the money im sure you sought to make from them"

I dunno about you people but this is CPS's cue to step in. Not only is this lady strange, but she made a really poor choice. And now, is saying that she hates her children? She cant get peace and quiet in her house? Was she thinking about that before she turned herself into an incubator?
Let me remind you that for some reason Nadya thought it was okay to take these photos.

heres a link to the video>>>

Don't get me wrong I understand wanting to have a family big or small. Theres nothing wrong with that. But children are serious business. It cost money to take care of children. Lots of it! It takes time dedication and care. And most of all, it takes LOVE. In fact now that I think about it, I have never heard anyone say that they hated their own children. You see sometimes people have children by "accident." maybe they failed to protect themselves and had an unplanned pregnancy. That's different. Some people do actually plan it out, and have children. That's different. But Nadya planned this out. She anticipated this and spent a lot of money to have these children!

If you can planned on having 14 children, shouldn't you have anticipated the fatigue, the stress,mood swings, diaper changes, crying and all that good stuff that comes with motherhood? I mean its not like she layed down with another man and this just happened to her. she planned it out. And now she is saying that she is sick of it. She should of thought of that before she even had these helpless children!

She also admits that her bank account is overdrawn $300.00 and she has no way to buy food, pay for her house and get things for her baby. But she had enough money to pay for the procedure to have these kids?

That just goes to show you she was looking for a handout, and she wanted the attention.
The reason why I show her no mercy is because you actually have people from all different walks of life, who sometimes become pregnant with child, yet they make the best of it. Planned or not..But this idiot really raises some questions when it comes to these types of procedures in this country.

Now the children are here, they are helpless, and they cant control who their parents are. I just hope and pray that Nadya's mental health does not go unnoticed so that they don't feel the scorn and regret of their mothers poor choices. They don't deserve that. I'm shocked that anyone would say that about their own children. But no matter who it is, parenthood comes with those stresses. So I understand her pain. Nadya, get your life together. You made your bed now sleep in it. These children did not ask to be born. You thought you could use these human lives as attention bait. But it bit you in the ass. Now look how hard it is to be a single mother of 14 innocent children. To many strikes against you and your kids. No father, no money, and most definitely no mother who is unashamed of her choices to have so many children. Did you not think of the consequences of having all of these kids?

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