Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pat Robertson: Legalize Marijuana SAY WHAT?

well are you ready for hell to freeze over?

A lot of us can say that we can agree with Pat Robertson in this PARTICULAR video.

It is very hard for me to rationalize anything Pat says..but he made a point. Giving credit where credit is due.

I have to admit pat waste a lot of time talking about a bunch of nonsense. But money spent on fighting the war on drugs should or can be used to more useful causes. I am not saying go get high off of cocaine, x, shrooms or what have you. But people make the choice to do this to themselves. Kind of an uphill battle if you ask me. If someone is addicted to something, and you find a way to make it illegal for them to use or take the drug..they WILL find another way around that law. You think if they shut down one Starbucks, coffee drinkers wont find another? if Starbucks ran out of coffee, and they went out of business, and by the grace of God someway somehow they pulled themselves out of financial ruin, will they lost customers? They may loose business for a short period of time. But as soon Starbucks is up and running the same customers will came back and there is a good chance their profits will double. only to make up for lost caffeine. GET IT

SO MY POINT IS, people are fighting to make marijuana legal. curious to know your take on this. Why should it be legal? Why should it not be legal?

While watching this video I came across a comment that tickled me to death. With the permission of that person I was allowed to post the comment on my blog to express how much I agreed with them

"I never thought the day would come when I'd have to agree with this fucktard. Good point Mr. Robertson, now go fuck yourself."


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