Thursday, June 9, 2011

The smoking BAN


I have been reading about this SMOKING BAN that is being enforced in New York City

because you are special you get to hear my opinion about this ban.


I, my whole life, was a second hand smoker. I lived in a house where there was nothing but smoke clouds and smoke blown in my face. Not only is it a disgusting deadly habit, but it is bad for the people who have to breath it in around you. Secondhand smoke can cause cancer,asthma, etc. A lot of people are mad at bloomberg about this smoking ban. And while he isnt my favorite person in the world the man has a point. Second hand smokers do NOT get a chance to choose whether or not they want to smoke.

Now I understand about the whole 'taking my rights away" thing. But the fact of the matter is that smoking is extremely bad for your health. yes, so are a lot of things. Like Mcdonalds, fast food, drinking, etc. I understand that. But my problem with this is is that a lot of people who smoke don't belive it bothers people around them. Do they not get it? I dont know where new yorkers are going to smoke now, but Im sure the children with real bad asthma can finally breath in fresh air.

I hate the smell of smoke, I hate when people smoke around children, I hate how insensitve smokers can be to the health of others. I never really thought the nyc would crack down on smoking the way they did. When I first heard about the smoking ban, I thought to myself. "wow that will never happen bloomberg." But now it's here. And people are dealing with it in their own ways.

stop smelling cigarettes if you dont want them smoking

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