Monday, December 19, 2011

you see something? YOU SAY SOMETHING!


I am not sure how many of you have been following the sickening story about former Penn State coach Jerry know..disgusting pedophile who was adored and trusted by many.

I am not only ticked off about this whole thing, but I am also ticked off that people knew what this sick bastard was doing to young boys and not one called the police. NOT ONE! How stupid can you be to see an old disgusting man nude in the shower, behind a child and just walk away? CALL THE DAMN POLICE! This man has been assaulting children for lord knows how long and now he is finally going to pay. Mike McQueary testified that he saw Jerry sodomizing a child in 2002. WTF IT'S 2011.

So that I don't put words in his mouth let me put up a quote made by Mike McQueary.
"There's no question in my mind that I conveyed to (university officials) that I saw Jerry with a boy in the shower and that it was severe sexual acts going on and that it was wrong and over the line."

He also graphically described that when he walked into the locker room he heard skin on skin slapping. He saw Jerry and a child engaged in what he considered "sexual acts."

after mcqueary saw this taking place he left and called his father and explained to him what he saw. Now according to cnn, in court Mike avoided using the words "anal sex," & "sodomy" because he didn't want to offend his father.

really? how about the children and parents who are beyond offended that an adult sodomized and had sex with their children. Who are you worried about offending? Well hey, at least he was thinking about somebody right?

I can't understand why anyone, let alone an adult..finds anything about CHILDREN sexually appealing. Who looks at a child and has those types of impure thoughts? Sick sick sick in the head. Not only did officials lie about what happened, but they helped cover it up! Tim Curley and Gary Schultz both resigned after the shit started to hit the fan. (bit fishy huh?) They are each accused of perjury, lying to a grand jury.

Another thing I saw a buncha wusses crying because Joe Paterno was fired from Penn State. I was confused when I saw it because I could have swore I thought they were crying for the victims involved. I mean, what about the victims? It's just so unfair that someone with so much integrity and popularity is mourned rather than reprimanded for failing to tell the truth and protect a child. Or children in this case. We as individuals need to honestly sit back and think about how people are protected because of popularity. I hope, that justice is served and the victims and families learn to start healing from this process.

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