Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Be safe or die trying

There is a phony cop pulling people over in Mississippi and shooting them dead according to CNN.

As I always do, I checked the CNN app on my phone and read a story that I found pretty interesting. I'll post a link.


Some sicko is pulling people over on the highway and shooting them dead according to CNN. The bureau of investigation is asking the PUBLIC for their help to find this man posing as a cop.

First of all, who wants to help find someone that is murdering another human being? I mean don't get me wrong we all as human beings need to be noble and want to do good for each other, but thats like asking people to go on the highway and become bait to help corral this man to identify him. I think its the patrol officers job to be out there looking for a phony cop car and park on the side of the highway to flag this man down.

Second, the article warned people that if they dont feel comfortable when being pulled over, or if they feel uneasy to be careful. And also, to make sure that they are being pulled over by a ligitamate oficer. It also says they advise that drivers call 911 and verify that the person pulling them over is a real cop. Don't pull over in an area that is not well lit, and make sure the place is crowded before pulling over.

I have major problems with this advice. Most cops abuse their power in one way or another. I dont care what anyone says. What this phony cop has done to these two people (who were shot dead) is what cops are still doing to this day. Killing innocent people. I do not condone what the man is doing at all. I cant imagine why hes posing as a cop and killing people just for the hell of it. But he probaly thought he could get away with it because most of the time cops get away with abusing thier power especially when someone dies.

Most people feel very uneasy when being pulled over, especially if they are certain they didn't do anything wrong! what type of advice is this? if this was the case, NO ONE would pull over if a cop is trying to pull them over. back in the day it was very common for an African American to be pulled over for NO REASON WHATSOEVER and become a victim of abuse and terrorism. police used to frame them, beat them, plant things on them, do all types of things. and the got away with it! how many people would feel uneasy after that? everyone gets nervous when the cop lights are behind them. that's not good advice, because if you don't feel comfortable, and you don't want to stop, the police could use drastic measures to stop you while driving.

Calling 911 is questionable because you only call 911 when there is an emergency. most people wont call the cops on the cops if they feel like police didn't look out for each other already. if you even grab your phone while talked to a police officer, expect around 30 to 40 bullet holes in you body before you can count to 3. ever heard of Sean bell? Amadou Diallo remember these men?

Don't pull over unless the area is crowded and well lit? lets see how well that works when the cop thinks you just running from him instead of finding a safe place to stop. its hard to tell the intentions of a police officer. A lot of cops get paid extra just to pull people over and write tickets. your speed ensures their bonus check. they can get hours in overtime just writing tickets and pulling people over. It has happened before. what makes you think a cop wont abuse power? Especially if they can get away with it

I was bothered by this story. rest in peace to the two individuals who were murdered by this man posing as a fake police officer. But the advice was horrible. I know that police officers and murderers are two different people. I am not saying they are the same thing or are in the same rank, but we all have heard of some pretty  funky stories of cops abusing power. And clearly this fake cop is pulling people over, because he knows that most people are afraid of not stopping for a cop. they stopped because they believed he was a cop and did not think they would get shot in the head. Hes doing this because its hard to catch a man who seems like he is fighting for your safety.

so safe we gotta run from the police. If you pull over you get shot, if you don't pull over you get shot.

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