Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Drones Drones Drones

I hate this word. DRONES

I am sure many of us heard this word before, and half of us don't even know what the hell a drone is. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVS for short are aircraft. Used mainly for spying, reconnaissance, surveillance, and war. Usually armed with missiles and bombs. If I am not mistaken there are no pilots in drones. They are controlled from the ground. I think, don't take my word on that. 

Now why the U.S feels the need to use drones I have no idea whatsoever. I am still struggling to understand how the U.S can justify using drones to kill people. The government doesn't seem to care or give a fuck about anyone other then themselves and the global elite. 

Something I struggle with is how IGNORANT most of us are when it comes to understanding with that fuck it is we actually vote for. The fine print. How is it some can block out the reality of drone use in our country and around the world. Most people I know don't even know what a drone is. Its maddening. Your president knows what a drone is, and he isn't coy about using them.  Why do you feel the nation and governents need to keep tabs on the society? Has this become so routine that we become desensitized to the possibilities of a sky full of drones in our future?

Some children around the world have been killed by drones. Innocent children, men, women, people, you, I, us. It could be any of us. I have seen babies, toddlers, face down with their heads blown off, limbs blown off, parents mourning over the bodies wondering "why?" I would never wish that on anyone. Many people want to know how we justify killing families in drone wars? How do we justify this? Does the C.I.A sanction innocent people. My thoughts are all over the places on this one because I constantly bewildered by these questions I ask myself from time to time. Some days I have nightmares about drones flying over my house and killing my family. Whats even more disturbing that my nightmare is a very real reality for families in the middle east who have heard the humming of a drone and a loud explosion. Children recall seeing their grandparents blown apart. Confusion, anger, grief, fright, would have to be an understatement to describe how that must feel. 

We go on about our day as usual, angry that the customer ahead of us is taking too long to order their latte. Maybe what we wear the next day is a more important issue. Or which one of the Kardashian sisters will be on the front cover of a magazine. Love and Hip Hop can comfort us perhaps? Your daily ratchet ass dose of ill-scripted disgusting reality shows. Basketball wives? The next action movie?

What do children all over the world want most? Peace? Safety? Love? Laughter? We need to make sure that the people who put in office, will not use our hard earned tax dollars to sanction a unspeakable hell for others around the world. 

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