Friday, March 4, 2011

Woman of the Ivory Coast this is for you

Its a sad day today as it is always in countries where death and destruction is a day to day thing. Today I was watching CNN, when they showed a video of a peaceful protest being halted by a disgusting display of INHUMANITY. The video shows a peaceful protest held by woman who did nothing wrong, being gunned down. The protest was brought on to tell the president Laurent Gbagbo to leave! Now these woman were peaceful how can i stress that? And all of the sudden gunshots and the crowd of women disperse. It is a pretty graphic video and I actually don't want to post it up. Not because it was graphic but because I will be tempted to watch it again and I don't want to.

When I saw the video for the first and hopefully last time, heat and fire overcame me and I hit my television. I just hit it. I was so upset and angry. I can remember the women's faces right before they lost their lives. They were chanting and smiling and dancing. Then I see them face down gushing blood from different points in their bodies. It was infuriating. Its disgusting. Its horrible it makes me so upset. Why did these women have to lose their lives? What did they do wrong?

In the video you can also see a military truck driving by shooting at the crowd. Its hard to believe that people can honestly be so cruel. Like....why?

"Gbagbo and his forces have shown a callous disregard for human life and the rule of law, preying on the unarmed and the innocent. He should step aside immediately in the name of peace,"

-Hilary Clinton

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