Friday, March 4, 2011

Peru's uncontacted tribes in danger!


WHERE DO I BEGIN? Like seriously? More about Peru and the good for nothing oil companies once again trying to take over the world.

Okay so as some of you should know there are still some UNCONTACTED TRIBES around the world. Some people believe that the tribes should be left alone, and others believe that they should be contacted. That's up to you. But unfortunately the OIL COMPANIES trying to invade the amazonian territories don't care what you think or what anyone else thinks and they are going to rampage human and wildlife by any means necessary.

I did a little research and apparently there are 100 uncontacted tribes around the world, 67 in Brazil, and 15 in Peru. If you understand the geography of the amazon for the lack of a better word..its friggen HUGE! Its full of beauty, mystery, life, and history. I think I have explained in one of my blogs before about how important the amazon is to this planet. It's resourceful. It also is one of the most species rich land on the earth. did that make sense? ahh idontcare i cant spell. Anyhow...the amazon is supposed to be protected from savage takeovers from company's who want to profit. Infact there was a law passed in peru. becuase im lazy here is a part of an article I found about Peru's uncontacted tribe

“Law for the Protection of Isolated Peoples in Voluntary Isolation” (Law 28736). A year later, however, Peru’s President, Alan Garcia, issued a Presidential Decree in October of 2007 stating that reserves for people in “voluntary isolation” (that is, uncontacted or extremely isolated tribes) can be exploited for their natural resources. Many view this decree as a “loophole” designed to allow for the extraction of oil and gas on uncontacted people’s lands. Typically, between 30% and 50% of uncontacted indigenous people often die within a year or two after contact, due to their lack of resistance to germs such as the common cold. The following is a report by Survival International and sent to CERD (the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination)–KM)."

So there you have it. But for some reason no one cares about this law and its being disregarded

why is it so hard for president Garcia to do the right thing?

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