Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Hello everyone!!!
This story is old but it really captured my attention. Honestly this is something I rather forget, but the problem is, is that if we act like this isn't going on, THIS WILL CONTINUE TO HAPPEN.

So some I like to dub as "SATAN IN THE FLESH", named Dmitri Vladimirovich Kuzentsov a mechanic from Moscow has really grabbed my attention. This sick and twisted demented piece of shit operated a child pornography network from his home. He is a sadistic pedophile who tortured and murdered children as young as five years old and as old as 18. He is considered a "hardcore pedophile" whatever that means. Now I'm sure you can google his name and look this man up. I was recently watching a film called SNUFF and that is where I came across this waste of sperm story. Anyhow, this barbarian had clients who paid this man literally THOUSANDS of dollars to watch a child be tortured and die. Police have seized over 3,000 videos that he tried to send to people who ordered from him. How they intercepted his ring of sadistic death..I don't know. Some of his clients even specifically requested that certain people die.

People of all types purchased Dmitri's videos. Business men, university students, married men with children of their own. People from different countries in Europe and I also believe some in the United States. In the videos police describe how some of the children were raped and tortured until they died. What is truly sad is that some of the children who were lured into this, were probably runaways, abandoned, foster children, or children with no strong family back round.

What bothers me is that a human being is capable of doing the most ruthless and uncivil things you can ever do to anyone let a lone a CHILD! This mans actions are repulsive and vulgar. Inhumane and demonic. And to the men who purchased these films are just as bad. Who gets off on this sadistic shit? Who does that?

My other question is, where are these children's guardians and parents? Where is the support and parental presence that drew these children to the streets? Obviously some of these children lived in an unwelcoming atmosphere. In my opinion crimes against children is probley one of the worst, most barbaric, savage, beastly crimes that can ever be committed. No one should die like those children died. No one should go through that. Where is the tender loving care a child should get? Why are children being forgotten, abused, mistreated, oppressed?! When will someone with enough power and voice (Obama, leaders, celebrities) decide that it is time to stand up for people who cannot stand up for themselves? Why are these issues overlooked? What makes all this worse, this sick vile man only got 11 years in prison.

so much for swift justice.

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