Thursday, June 23, 2011

No one wants to listen to them

How horrible it is to go through a situation like that. How horrible it must feel, when no one wants to listen to you. How horrible it must feel, to be silenced. What a cruel thing to do to someone.

I was on CNN today, like I am most days, and came across a story about rape. The article title: Rape in wartime.

I cannot begin to grasp the enormity of the grief, that some of these women deal with everyday. And to think that soldiers, and average male citizens could do such a gruesome thing to a woman or a child. Reading these stories broke my heart. It is just horrible to have your whole family killed, your children (newborns) killed in front of you, raped, beaten, have your limbs cut off, and held hostage.

cultural sensitivity is a problem when it comes to rape. Because there are people of certain faiths who find rape so shameful, that they would rather not talk about it. It is more shameful for the victim then it is for the rapist. OH HOW MY BLOOD BOILS

watching the video I attached to this blog was extremely hard for me because it took me a week to watch this. And this is mild compared to what I have actually seen. But listening to the woman cry, and scream in agony was horrible. Unbearable. The men who commit these sick acts get away with these crimes and are sometimes revered. How can we make it so that people are held accountable for these types of actions? How are we going to protect the women and children who suffer from such a sick and indecent crime? I really can't take hearing about how people are getting away with this anymore. All around the WORLD, women are being raped and tortured. Unspeakable grief must plague them. I would go crazy! Shame on the families who would rather silence the victim then bring justice and honor to her life. How horrible! How sad. How shameful

I hope that we can stand up for women and children across the world who are going through this on a day to day basis. Speak for those who are to grieved to stand up and fight back. Speak for those who are paralyzed in silence and grief.

so shameful and im so upset. Just horrid.

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