Wednesday, September 28, 2011

If you are raped, apologize to your rapist.

Like that title?

Well folks, something that has been making my skin boil for some time now is finally coming to surface. I had a hard time trying to figure out how to title this blog because this story to me is as outrageous as the title. And I am trying to make a point. Unfortunately this title was a girls unfathomable reality.

Around 08/09 School officials at a middle school in Republic, Missouri, FAILED to protect a girl from a brutal rape. In fact, the school made the girl apologize to her attacker when she reported the rape....THE FIRST TIME!

The child (who remains nameless) was being bullied and sexually harassed by a male student at the middle school. Now take note that most newspaper articles and news stories refer to this girl as "special needs child/girl." So obviously, she was an easy target. Unfortunately the male student raped this helpless girl. She told school officials which I assume would include counsellors, teachers, principals, whoever but they did not believe her. In fact, without the permission of the girls mother they FORCED this girl to write an APOLOGY LETTER to her RAPIST! They feel that she made the story up and that she should apologize.

awww, swift justice.

Some time Feb 2010 the boy RAPED THE GIRL AGAIN! Apparently the boy continued to harass this poor child and that's when he raped her the second time in the back of a school library. ONCE WASN'T ENOUGH? The child was too afraid to tell her teachers and school officials because she was scared that she would be kicked out of school again and forced to apologize to her rapist. The mother of the victim had her child examined where they confirmed sexual trauma and also verified the DNA matched the semen of the rapist that she accused of raping her.

Now he never denied the fact that he raped this girl. He plead guilty and was arrested for this horrible assault.

Now let me introduce you to someone name Vern Minor

This man ^^^^ right there^^^ is one of the people responsible for failing to protect the innocent student. Now I called Mr. Minor and I filmed myself calling him but I cant find the video unfortunately. I wanted to remind him how good for nothing he was for him and his staff to allow something like this to happen to a child and blame the child for lying. I wonder how they feel about themselves honestly. I don't know how this man still has a job at the school he works for. By the way I have his number ill post below.

Republic R-III School District
Ph: 417-732-3605

Office Hours:

8:00-5:00 M-F

So the school makes the girl apologize to her rapist and he rapes her again. Mr. Minor how do you feel about this huh? I mean, are you proud of yourself?

I came across an online petition to bring more awareness to this story. Those responsible need to issue an apology to the child and the family of this child. Please check out this petition my friend Andres Berrondo made regarding this whole story. Please read and sign the petition.
^^^click up on that link^^^

So far on Andres petition 218 signatures have been collected. It could be way more by now, but please support the cause. Not only is this story barbaric and sad, but think about if it was you or your loved one that this happened to.

I will more than likely update this blog about the information with what happens with the child, the school, petition etc. But please please please understand that we really need to stand up and fight. How can the state allow the people involved to still have a job with the school? If we stay silent, this can happened again...and again..and it happened to this poor child.


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