Saturday, October 1, 2011

a hallmark card for casey anthony

I found something on my phone that I wrote the day Casey Anthony got away with MURDER

Dear casey anthony
Being that i suffer from do you manage to sleep@night? I mean really, how have you managed to lie down knowing that your one and only longer exist? I'm sure even you were surprised at the verdict. How did it feel when they said not guilty? Surprised im sure. So what are your plans now? Make up for the time you lost to go party? Get a makeover? Where would you live? Are you prepared to join society? Well, i hope to god none of it works out for you. Infact,i hope you are forced to disgard your ovaries and burn your tubes? Harsh? Think about what your baby went through when she took her last breath. Why do people like you have children? For what reason? Please explain this to me. Anyhow, dont have a great day.
P.s rott in hell..thank you

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