Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tough men punch babies

This story broke my heart and I thought I would post it to bring more awareness to
child abuse.
A three year old girl was killed after her boyfriends mom punched the child for not eating her dinner. That's right! You heard me. For not eating her dinner. Edgar Algarin, a 26 year old man, was arrested for killing the child.
Enidaliz Ortiz suffered internal injuries and suffered a slow and painful death. Edgar got up and punched the girl for not eating her dinner. "she was not eating her food so I got up and punched her in the back, she started crying so I sent her to bed."

No matter how many times we see cases like this as headlines in our newspapers, or stories on the news...what is it that these moms don't get?! NEVER LEAVE YOUR CHILD WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND! The mom was away on a business trip and decided it was a good idea to leave her kids alone with this man. Do you know what this man did after he punched this girl? He played videos games as the child gasped for air.

I hope this man suffers greatly for this child's loss pain and suffering. Now the mom of course regrets leaving her kids with the man. How many times will this happen before people start to use their brains? How many moms will allow abusive men to control them and their children? What the hell people? This child was 3 years old! she could not defend herself! What kind of man hits a 3 year old child? GRRRRR gets me so upset! I hope he is tortured slowly for what he did. Never put your hands on a child ever. We need to protect our children and keep them safe. If this happened to a man she trusted then whats next?

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