Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wang Yue

Poor child :(

I'm sure most of you have seen the very sad and graphic video of little two year old Wang Yue ran over by a car while people watched and did NOTHING.
I posted a link from CNN talking about her death and what exactly happened on that day. Only one woman came to help the poor child after approximately 18 people walked passed the child's lifeless body. The video has gone viral world wide questioning the MORAL of the Chinese people.

First of all, how can anyone do some shit like that? Excuse my french but that's beyond messed up. He saw the child and ran over her anyways. AND THEN BACKED UP OVER THE CHILD!
Now according to the news a 58 year old "scavenger" saw the girl and rescued her.
I think my brain is tired of trying to figure out how the driver, could so such a thing. And how the people who walked past this girl bleeding to death could not stop and help the child. What the hell is wrong with people that they let something like this happen to a child? What are the rules, the laws, the street code when it comes to something like this? What is this saying about us as human beings? Are we that cold hearted?

Wang Yue died 12:32 am, Friday.

R.I.P little angel. <3

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