Monday, January 2, 2012

Things I cannot live without

1. Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap. This is the most purest soap on ear
th. I love the way it makes me feel. I always feel refreshed after using it. The peppermint soap especially is very powerful and invigorating. The ingredients are pure, the soap is pure, and it is also good for the environment! It is a little pricey!!! But I think it is worth it. <3 This stuff is the best. seriously! I even heard someone say "it makes my dingle tingle."

2. Volume Million Lashes Mascara.
Collagen infused mascara= THE BEST THING EVER. I never need to wear false lashes because this mascara does it for me. It's like magic in a
tube. If you like big bold eyes, use this product.

3. Facebook. I NEED MY FIX.

4. Cherry Airheads. Cherry is my absolute FAVORITE FLAVOR when it comes to taffy,
chewy like candies. This candy has a non-stop burst of cherry flavor that to me, is ORGASMIC.

5. Christian Bale. <3 Watch American Psycho sex scene. NUFF

6. Bior Deep Pore Cleansing Strips. How many of you die inside when you see what was in your nose?

7. Sidekick 4g android. I love ANDROID. And I love SIDEKICKS. It was between that phone, and the HTC EVO. The sidekick is a pretty creative smart phone with features that are handy for heavy texter like me. I am always browsing on my phone and on the new sidekick the
wallpapers are live, interactive and very eye catching! The sucky part is, that my phone dies alot and I have to kill running apps in the background. No matter how many times I use my task killer it seems like more and more apps keep running. Its like trying to kill a fly and finding more and more!

8. The Regular Show. I for some reason find myself watching this show on my own free time. And I love it.

9. Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job. You are either a fan or your not. Like I mentioned before, I have a crazy and unusual sense of humor.

10. Organic Ginger Tea. I am getting more into HOLISTIC and NATURAL medicines and remedies for when I am feeling under the weather. Since pharmaceutical medicines can be either addictive/habit forming I want to depend on something I can rely on that will not hurt my body. Also, medicines don't always treat the problem, they just mask it. Leaving you with all these other side effects and toxins your body can do without. Natural alternatives are always the way
to go for my family and I. Tummy aches for me are usually resolved with GINGER TEA. Hot steaming ginger tea. It works miracles for me. Also peppermint tea. HOW DO YOU MAKE SOMETHING SO NATURAL, ILLEGAL? (IT PUTS PHARMACIES OUT OF BUSINESS)

11. Forever 21. HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!! THE TRENDIEST CLOTHING AND THE BEST JEWELRY. That store is like crack cocaine for me

12. Organic Coconut milk. I am leaving the dairy behind. Coconut has numerous benefits for your body. And because I am an Island Girl, I love my coconut

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